Afghanistan Subway Map

That she hath engrossed us is true, and defended the Afghanistan Subway Map continent at our expense as well as her own is admitted; and she would have defended Turkey Afghanistan Subway Map from the same motive for the sake of trade and dominion. Alas! we have long been led away by ancient prejudices, and made large sacrifices to superstition.

We have boasted the protection of Great Britain without considering that her motive was interest, not attachment; and that she did not protect us from our enemies on our account, but from her enemies on her own account, from those who had no quarrel with us on any other account, but who will always be our enemies on the same account. Let Britain waive her pretensions to the continent, or the continent throw off her dependence, and we should be at peace with France and Spain were they at war with Britain . But Britain is the parent country, say some. Then the more shame upon her conduct.

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