Hey guys um welcome to Singapore.

I’m here in Singapore visiting my best friend from back home hello we’re here for my week. I’m actually really enjoying Singapore, it’s amazing leather great food too close where can, you ask for really just little taste of what things were kind of look, you you guys it is amazing here. I want to move here it’s.


So perfect the nicest thing about the Singapore is that English is actually the first language here. So everything’s pretty much English did. I mentioned that it was super ridiculous clean everything clean no graffiti no gum everywhere no garbage, it’s amazing.

So clean. I’m just done like a big promotional rap because, you know. I really really like it here also when.

I was here. I on the Singapore fire which is the biggest like. I guess Ferriss but.

I wouldn’t really call it a stairs well that was like observation wheel. I don’t know what they call it, but in the world. And, it’s just, it’s basically a ferris wheel.

And so. I got to see like the whole city don’t don’t laugh at me here, but one of the reasons. I really want to go on this over fire is because.

I saw a National Geographic special on it one of the big bigger. And biggest one of my favorite National Geographic shows on it and. I was like.

I have to go on that because. I shot a TV show on it so. I love National Geographic, it’s discovery.

So put your nerd. And that is all right that is all right anyways. I hope, you like my singapore vlog and.

I will catch, you guys later. I’m gonna go by the beach or something yeah alright bye guys you. ?

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