Alberta’s Littlest Airport

Alberta’s Littlest Airport

Location: About 25 km from Camrose. Drive 22 km east on Hwy 13, turn south on Kelsey Road, and travel approximately 4 km to the field entrance on the road’s west side.


Located near the village of Bawlf, Alberta’s Littlest Airport features five runways where model aircraft operators gather to fly planes and race cars. The airport includes a firepit, play area, frequency building, model race car and aircraft hangar, hobby shop, and washroom facilities, including a wheelchair-accessible washroom. Four major events are hosted during the year, but any weekend offers the probability of seeing aviators and drivers in action.

The bridge on the Torrance road, Hungryside Bridge (a ‘drawbridge’ originally) is rather battered and repaired, but loved of cushie doos. And why the ‘windows’ in the abutments? There is a small car park. The Campsie Fells and the Kelvin valley fill the view to the north. The travel destination twists and bends round to come on the staging and huts etc of a residential setting for boats. Cadder Church looms off right. (Cadder is pronounced Cawder.) In the kirkyard there is a mort safe and watch-house harking back to the days of the Resurrectionists; with prices for corpses higher in Edinburgh than in Glasgow, the travel destinations came in useful! An underground fire in Cadder No. 15 pit cost the lives of 22 miners in 1913. Two railway accidents are connected with the Cadder stretch of the Edinburgh-Glasgow line. In 1973, 50 yards of track were ripped up during a high-speed derailment, and ten years later passengers had to leap from the train as two coaches caught fire.

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