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In the lowland plains of Romania in Walachia, 50 kilometers north of the Danube is the Romanian capital Bucharest Romania lying on both sides of the river Dimbowitza. Bucharest has 2.2 million inhabitants and is not only the government seat, but the administration center of the similarly named area, the seat of the Romanian-Orthodox metropolites and the Catholic archbishopric.

The city was built like Paris: broad boulevards, large well laid out parks and even the triumphal arch. The main pedestrian and traffic street is the Calea Victorici, the street of the victorious, along which also lie the best known sights, namely the Operette Theater, the Church of Stravropoleos, the former King’s Castle, which houses the National Art Gallery and the History Museum with its wealthy collection of jewellery and armoury. A haven of peace in the north of the city is the Herastrau Park with its lake.

Here also is the House of Scintea which houses the largest Romanian printing works and the Lenin monument. Outside the heart of the city, however, are the prefabricated blocks of apartments and the industrial sites, that unfortunately spoil the beauty of this ‘Paris of the East’. The railway network which surrounds the city is the main transport used by the factories; producing engines, cars, chemical products, foodstuffs, textiles, and furniture.

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