Ali Baba Restaurant US Map & Phone & Address

514 Cambridge St. Allston; (617) 254-4540


The food here is touted as all-natural, and it’s good. The atmosphere is fast-food but clean; you eat from styrofoam plates, but each table has a couple of fresh roses for decor.

Chicken and beef, in kebabs or shawarma style, are $3.75 for sandwiches (with lettuce, tomato and ta-hini sauce) or $5.29 for platters (with rice or fries, hummus, salad and pita bread). Falafel, hummus and baba ganoush sandwiches are $3.25 each, as is the Greek salad. For anyone not acquainted with Middle Eastern cuisine, Ali Baba offers free tastes of selected items.

Perhaps the best bargains are the rotisseried chicken dinners; the chicken plate ($5.49) consists of tender, fresh pieces of chicken pulled off the bones and placed on a bed of rice pilaf. It comes with salad, hummus, garlic sauce, and pita bread. You can also get a whole rotisseried chicken, with garlic sauce and bread, for $6.95, or a half-chicken for $3.95. That’s one cheap dinner. Ali Baba is open daily until midnight.

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