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283 Windsor Sl. Cambridge, MA 02139; (617) 354-7916 Heidi Lyons is an entrepreneurial Renaissance woman. Not only does she run Cambridge’s popular Weare-vers” clothing stores, but she also owns this cozy bed and breakfast nearby. Located in a residential area roughly ten minutes’ walk from three Squares Kendall, Central, and Inman this is a great base from which to explore Cambridge.

Rates for each of the two rooms, with a shared bath, range from $50 to $80 a night, varying by room and by season. Both children and pets are welcome here (and that’s unusual, as any traveling pet owners know). Rooms have air conditioners and radios; downstairs, a common area with a TV, wood-burning stove, and patio adds to the homey appeal.

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Flats overlook the travel destination. There’s an old lock-keeper’s cottage at Lock 9, which drops the travel destination under a railway bridge (originally a swing bridge) so we are forced up and down steps to bypass the railway. Lock 8 leads into the Dollar Industrial Estate, and industry generally lines both banks down to Lock 4. Lock 5 lies by a busy road, with the Gambero Rosso Restaurant/Pizzeria prominent. Steps lead down to pass under the road (Bainsford Bridge) and the path rises to run along at a higher level than the usual towpath. There’s a long straight length of travel destination to Lock 4 (Abbotshaugh) then a more rural continuation. The A9 crosses the travel destination by a modern bridge, Orchardhall, painted blue. Over on the right now lies the vast Helix Park with its ponds and marshes, huge green sweeps, 17 miles of footpaths, the distant Falkirk football stadium, an outdoor stage, toilets and much else and, of course, culminating in the Kelpies, every bit as extraordinary as the Falkirk Wheel. There’s a glimpse of them immediately after passing below the Orchardhall bridge. Stagings mark a sharp left turn of the travel destination.

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