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He said that the border was about 200 miles away, China adventure holiday and he would reach it on the following day. Actually I had no intention of going China adventure holiday that far, I just wanted to ramble in the Chinese Pamirs. After passing out of the city limits we crossed the fertile plain of wheat plots and poplar trees and two hours later came out into a desert landscape of stony sand and wind-moulded dunes in parallel lines. Ahead lay a crumpled complex of red hills, very weathered and backed by immense, snowy mountain peaks. This was where we were heading. The road was dirt, corrugated by truck tyres but a much better-made surface than I had expected.

These two locations are connected forming one, very large cemetery. The Catholic section is called St. John’s. Eunice and Henry White are buried there. Judd Crouch’s grave site lies somewhere in the neighboring Woodland Cemetery.

“Assassinated.” That’s what the inscription read on Eunice and Wm. Henry White’s tombstones. It was a powerful moment. Though there were two tombstones, we knew a third soul was with them, their unborn baby. The memorial stone marked “White” sat in front of their gravestones. On it was an inscription, which Jeff began to read:

“William H. White and Eunice, his wife, assassinated on the night of November 21, 1883 … how well prepared for the swift approaching shock. Although unwarned we mourn

Eunice and William White and their unborn child.

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