Alwar – the city that provides a detailed glance on Rajasthan’s royal history

Alwar, formerly Ulwar, is a historic place in the Alwar district of Rajasthan India. It is quite close to the eastern border of the state and comes under the agglomeration of urban cities near Delhi called the National Capital Region or NCR. It is a princely state that was pronounced and written as Ulwar when it was under British rule. The distance between the historic city and Delhi is about 160 k.m., whereas Jaipur, the capital of the state, is about 150 k.m. to the north. It is an old city with a history dating back to 1000 A.D. It is a place that was ruled by various rajas and maharajas and is home to numerous monuments and relics from different eras. At present, modernization has started to spread its reach in different corners of the city, however, Alwar is still a historic city with a harmonious and interesting amalgamation between the essence of old world and the ritz of modernization.

Aravali Hills form a significant constituent of the region’s geography. It is an old city set in the midst of lush greenery. It is known for the hills that surrounds the place and the popular Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. Mother Nature has blessed the place in abundance. It is a wonderful tourist destination to head to on your next holiday. As it is brimming with unique Alwar tourist places, natural wealth, and a rich culture, a trip to Alwar is something that backpackers look forward to.

Tourist activities in the historic city range from sightseeing to shopping to relishing the appetizing Rajasthani cuisine to getting indulged in some outdoor actions. Though Rajasthani cuisine is not very distinct, but it certainly is wholesome and tempting. Maharaja Restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a popular restaurant here. The must-try food items here are aloo paratha served with chilli pickle, kheer and gajar ka halva. Another good restaurant is the Narula’s offering sumptuous Continental and Indian cuisines. You could also try the Thali House – New South Cafe and Dawat Restaurant.

While touring the city, make sure you visit Bhangarh. It is an old ruined city, which was abandoned for reasons that are still clothed in mystery. It is a perfect place to travel through time and explore the old ruins. The noteworthy attractions are castle hierarchy, market place, town planning, and the architecture of several small temples.

Clock Tower is a popular landmark of the place. It is an excellent example of the architectural brilliance possessed by the architects of medieval era. The lofty structure belongs to the Rajput era and is a towering edifice that houses stunning views of the locality. Additionally, 6 k.m. from the city is yet another popular tourist attraction called Jai Samand Lake. It is a beautiful artificial lake built by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1910 A.D. The place is a popular site of outing, boating, angling, and picnic.

Other significant tourist attractions in the place include: Alwar Fort, Moosi Maharani Chhatri, Ajabgarh, Purjan Vihar, Mansa Devi Mandir, Gayatri Temple, Natni ka Bara, Haldia Bhawan, Jain Temple Tijara, Government Museum, and Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Apart from these, for travelers who love excursions, Ajmer is a good tourist destination in close proximity to Alwar. There are frequent Alwar to Ajmer train; book your train tickets well in advance and head to the historic city of Rajasthan for a memorable vacation.

Alwar – the city that provides a detailed glance on Rajasthan’s royal history Photo Gallery

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