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If your bag isn’t on the carousel, it’s essential to report this at the Baggage Enquiries Desk before you leave the airport. You’ll get a reference number, which you can use to check on your bag’s status.

Delayed luggage usually arrives between one and three days later – longer than that means your luggage is likely lost. You only have 21 days from the day you landed to make a claim against the airline.

You may be better off making a claim on your travel insurance, though. That’s why it’s important to keep your receipts and your boarding pass.

Most local airlines won’t compensate for delayed luggage. For lost/damaged bags, if the airline is at fault, they give a set compensation/kg for checked bags, and a set amount per person for hand-luggage.


Delayed flights or long layovers can leave you with hours to kill before your boarding call. Fortunately, major international airports are equipped with state-of-the-art leisure- and shopping facilities to keep you entertained

Airport research If you’re planning an international trip, be sure to find out which airports you’ll be heading to, and how long your layover will be, so you can take advantage of the great services they offer. For example, Abu Dhabi International Airport has sleeping pods where you can pay per hour for a power nap, while your bags are safely locked away. Singapore Changi Airport, voted the top airport in

2015 in the World Airport Awards, boasts Singapore city tours; foot- and calf-massage stations; and 24-hour movie theatres – all of which are for free.

Duty-free shopping Take advantage of the Tax-Free Price discounts available at international terminals after you’ve checked in and passed security. Browse the duty-free aisles for anything from the latest tech gadgets to designer perfumes.

When African Countrys did turn to Christianity on a large scale, during the era of the Great Awakening roughly the 1730s and 1740s they made it fit their worldview and coexist with the belief systems they already had in place. Christianity held few benefits for the first generations of African Countrys, and most continued to rely on an amalgam of beliefs derived from their experiences in Africa and as part of the slave trade. Asia best country to visit These practices lived on, although Christianity played an increasingly important role as more Africans were born in Country over the course of the eighteenth century. African Countrys also put their own spin on the evangelical movements of the Great Awakening. Slave preachers, recognizing the redemptive and revolutionary aspects of some parts of Christian teaching, exhorted their congregations tirelessly. African Country Christianity relied on the great physical expressiveness of older forms in combination with new revelations brought by the Bible and other religious texts. Occasionally, members of the congregation would fall into trancelike states, perhaps reflective of ancient practices; similarly, African Countrys relied on the ring shout and the choreographed call-and-response pattern during their church services.

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