Atlanta Metro Map

Atlanta Metro Map Now for the proof of the said sorcery and
Melanie got into the tub and began a series of questions focusing on the woman who was said to have died. While this was going on, John and Aaron continuously scanned the room and hallway with the thermal imager. To the team’s frustration, nothing happened. After twenty minutes, even though Melanie seemed pretty darned comfortable in the tub, the others felt cramped. It was time to continue the investigation in other rooms.

Melanie attempting to draw a response from the woman who was supposedly killed.

EMF readings were taken and, just like the basement, were unusually high. Though the electricity was off on this floor and the old wires cut, they were grounded. Grounded wires, no matter how old, still generate EMF.

The group made their way down the hall, finally stopping in the last room with the boarded window. John and Aaron entered with the thermal imager. Bev followed close behind, video camera in hand. Aaron scanned the room while John carefully watched the monitor for unusual heat variations.

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