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The Boy Scout’s motto Be Prepared, is familiar to everyone. As with much of life, there are risks involved in hiking. To make your experience as pleasurable as possible, and to minimize the risks, there are three fundamental principles you should follow:

1. Know as much about the hike, and yourself, as possible.

2. Carry the twelve essential items (listed on pages xi-xiii) and wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

3. Understand emergency prevention and preparedness.

The language of the Aztecs. Narvez Expedition. A disastrous Atlanta Subway Map expedition commanded by Pnfilo de Narvez in 1527, under charter from the Spanish government, to establish Atlanta Subway Map a colony on the north rim of the Gulf of Mexico. Narvez took a party of 300 men to explore the Florida coast on foot. The party was stranded after becoming lost and separated from their ships. Only four men survived the expedition.

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