Become an advocate for animal restoration with zoological wildlife foundation

Advocates for change

In a world where people tend to neglect their duty to the world, a company has stood up in order to help change the world. This company is focusing on the restoration of the animals that will soon vanish in the face of the Earth when not given enough attention to survive and increase their number. The company, zoological wildlife foundation sets their vision straight towards their goal.

What is their goal?

They have seen the present situation that is bothering the world and its inhabitants. Animals are friends to man, but man fails to take care of it. A growing number of species are soon to disappear when not given attention. That is why, this foundation aims to put everything back on its place and to bring back the time when these animals are still good in number.

Taking one step forward

If no one acts, then who else will be? This foundation is aware of their responsibility to the world and is practicing a good stewardship to show to the world that there is still hope that what was lost will be regained when everyone will join hands towards the achievement of the goal that they set. They cannot do things alone. They need everyone to help.

What the zoo has

It is a private zoo that houses many species, particularly those who are endangered already. They are giving care to animals who have the chance of being extinct if not well taken cared of. The zoo has tour guides that do not simply tour you around the facility but will give you facts about each animal so that you will get to know these animals better.

What can you see in the zoo?

The type of zoo that this foundation built is not something that at the first look will give you an impression that the animals are deprived of their freedom. They built it in a way that the natural environment at which these animals should live are preserved. When you are inside the zoo, you will never feel that you are in the zoo.

Interactive approach

You can choose to allot some of your time to go there. You can set an appointment with them whichever is convenient with you if you don’t want to squeeze yourself in the crowd. They are only one text away so you can reserve a tour guide who will assist you. The tour is very interactive because you can ask questions and at the same time you learn.

In need of funds

To finance the restoration process, they need funds. They need funds in order rehabilitate these animals. The zoo is a home to over 100 species and the foundation needs money to support their cause of growing these animals in number. That is why, a fee is required in order for one to enter the facility. All proceeds will go to the development of the animal’s habitat.

Help and engage

Everyone is needed because the foundation cannot do things by themselves. They need support to realize their goals. They need you to extend a hand to them. You can help in many ways. Pay a visit on the zoo and what you paid for will go to the maintenance of the facility. You can help and engage in your own way. Big or small, every help counts.

How rates are determined

Rates vary depending upon the age of the visitor. Adults cost higher than kids. The rate for adults is twice as much as that of kids. It will also be determined on what type of animals you want to see and the encounter that you prefer whether it is up close or just around the corner. There are also several tours available that you can choose.

Take part for change

If you don’t want to help just by paying for a visit, you can opt to become a volunteer. Nothing is more fulfilling than helping out people achieve the goal that they set. As long as you qualify on the age limit, you can surely be accepted. You can spend your free time here if you want to aside from merely wasting it over unimportant things.

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