Hi guys.

So, this is going to be a very informative post because one of the most popular questions. I got asked by, you guys is what do. I film my travel vlogs with how do.

I fill my travel vlogs what equipment do. I use when I’m traveling.

So this post is gonna answer your questions plus. I’m going to tell, you what an amazing opportunity where, you guys go in your very own Canon DSLR camera yea there’s about five of them that, you could win. So, you better stay tuned watch this post yeah all the advice.


I’m giving to, you guys is based on my own personal experience. I’m a minimalist in it when it comes to packing things around because. I usually travel solo.

I am most time traveling by myself even if. I’m with other people. I’m still considered a solo traveler.

I have to be able to carry on me all of my equipment that. I’m going to need for the day usually when I go traveling.

So, this is the main camera that. I use with my catalogs it is a digital SLR camera. So this one is the Canon 70d um.

I just recently upgraded from the 60d. So all my previous posts for travelling we’re all filmed on the Canon 65 it is a fantastic July. So our camera and I normally have a wide angle lens on that. So, this is the Sigma Sigma 1835, this is what. I look like when.

I’m doing my travel vlogs holding my camera up like this. And talking to it never do this have, you camera like this because these will run pass, you. And swipe your camera away, you go bye-bye camera always have it wrapped around your arm like that because if they run by.

And try to grab it from, you well. I can’t really get anywhere. And if you are they’ll make other things.

And have it on your neck like. So, this is my microphone with a fuzzy windsock to prevent that, you hear it gets really windy that. I take with me and I can flip on to the top like that lost the time even though, you are on a tripod right now. I do not carry a tripod with me at all when I travel.

I find tripods very bulky. I can’t physically carry a tripod with me when I go out.

And most of my filming that. I do when I travel is spur the moment.

I have to be quick on it. So that’s my main camera that. I film but.

I would say 90% of my travel posts with the other 10%. I use is. I carry around a point.

And click, this is my backup camera if anything should happen to my big DSLR this does Full HD. And, it’s kind of my night time going out camera. I can just put it in my purse.

And if something happens to it, it’s not a big deal since these are usually relatively inexpensive compared to bigger DSLRs next up. I carry my waterproof camera my GoPro. So, this is the hero 3 Silver Edition she’s got black edition, but we’re not going to go into that these are like your sports cameras.

I have like a head mount. And a bike mount and, you you mount them onto things and, you can take them anywhere. And now the one downfall about the GoPros are that the sound quality is not very good at all.

And they’re very hard to vlog with. So, this is my other waterproof camera. So another thing.

I want to point out about these point clicks is that they’re again both wide angles wide angles are your friends when vlogging because when, you hold it out like this, it’s not just your face, you get to see everything behind, you with my camera equipment. I always always carry this little travel cleaning pen little bristles like this so I that can go like this.

And clean my lens. And a little like scrubber bit that again. I can be like Oh cleaning my lens now, this is my lid or not camera bag, this is a DSLR purse that.

I’m sure if you’ve seen my post. So, you see my photos, you probably recognize it, it’s got special cushions. And, it’s padded because, it’s meant specifically for my DSLR camera so.

I will place that with the lens attached right into my bag. And it flops over like. So it goes along my side across like that, you never ever ever want to have it hanging off like that people can just rush by, you grab your bag pull it off your shoulder.

And buy my camera. I’m having a kind of basic ish looking bag that’s not really camera bag looking has worked really well for me past because it doesn’t look like a camera bag cuz, you don’t want to advertise, you have a very big expensive camera in your bag oh all right. So now.

I hope that’s answered some of your questions in regards to the post equipment that. I use when I film.

I travel blogs. And now for the best part of this post – oh like Canadians out there hi better listen up now, this is for you. So my next travel destination that.

I’m going to is to Toronto Canada for a event called festival yay. And at that festival Canon is hosting a canons Canadian VIP post maker contest Canada Canadian va-va-va contest, it’s a tongue twister that. I suck at five of, you guys are gonna win a VIP filmmaker package complete with your very own canon eos DSLR Rebel sl1 camera yeah plus two lenses an SD card.

And an all-access pass to buffer festival you’re gonna be five of, you guys running around filming your experience. And competing for a thousand dollar grand prize definitely go check it out buffer festival dot-com flash cannon or, you know what better yet just click my face cuz you’re probably tired of hearing me talk anyways. So, you should just go – my friend Cory he’s gonna tell, you all the details, you need to know.

And you’ll be set. And hopefully I’ll see, you in Toronto at bar festival because. I’m going to be there are, you gonna be there, you better be there come see me cuz.

I love, you guys and I love to, you at buck festival yeah, but seriously guys, you gotta gonna do it now because contest ends October 11th. So go do it stop listening to me just get out of here.

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