Collaborations hi guys hello um my name’s Lauren. I’m gonna start your sophomore travel story we’re going to like awkward tell stories Abidine these are the bag brothers yes today okay ready 1 2 5 right after graduation.

And took a job in India. And so. I had to go.

I leave my whole family girlfriend everything left left them all behind. And went to India. I get to Bombay.


And if you guys are in India know, it’s insane like the the difference the biggest difference, you feel right away is that there’s a sense of of closest isn’t it there’s like no personal set of personal boundaries no personal space that China as well yeah and. So like his what. I was.

I was in Bombay completely overwhelmed. So that night they put me on a bus to rural India with the accountant from the company who was going to guide me all the way there and. I spoke no Hindi.

I was fresh out of college as green as possible get on the bus. And we start driving, it’s going to be an overnight bus ride. So we take off at like 11 o’clock at night and.

I think you’re gonna say take off all your clothes. I was like oh no no no no we didn’t go there, but on the bus. And, it’s probably bumping along for like an hour like this month.

And he goes okay here’s a blanket gives me a blanket. And we start going to sleep okay and, this is where it gets awkward. I wake up like.

I don’t know how long a couple hours later give us a blanket perfect. And the jacket again, it’s so. I wake up a couple hours later and.

I feel his feet on my crotch and. I looked down. And under the blanket he’s curled up into a ball like in the fetal position.

And his creep his feet are just hitting me in them in though in the Wang and. I. And so.

I pick it up and. I looked down. I go, it’s actually he’s sitting there suck my thumb with his frickin head right on my crotch.

And, it’s a company employee and. I go oh my god. I tried shipped him off.

And he doesn’t move he just kind of goes like this. And he positions himself as little spoon. And he starts spooning me and.

So one of the buzz like trying to go to my first job after college and. I have the accountant of the company spooning me that’s wonderous yeah. And so.

I try to push him away he falls down he comes up. And then he grabs me. And he starts spooning me and.

So. I’m on this thing. And he thinks like.

I’m his wife through something like this Oh long story short finally. I just gave up and. I just got spooned.

I went with it. And man. I couldn’t a lot of Honor.

I couldn’t get him off me. I’m giving in. I gave in.

And that was my first day in India. I got a long story, but a very awkward. I was once.

I might offer it a long time really yeah okay. I was in Brazil. And we’re on the beaches of Brazil.

And as US Brazil or as the Brazilians do they’ve got the little, but blending bikinis, but man. I was like song, this is actually a brilliant freaking idea like yes it is. So, you like discovered a thong the first yeah.

I did no. I discovered a public phone for your side. So but.

I didn’t have it he smells like I’ll just roll up my makini bottoms, you know give my give my above a little bit of Sun weird noise because my Bob was not nearly as dark as the rest of my body and. I like almost second-degree burn my bomb oh yeah that’s not comfortable. I had to burn bum.

So, but did, you get a Brazilian guy to put some like oh that’s raw greeneries is coming up later next post. So we’re in Mexico, it’s the second week of our around the world trip arrived in the Riviera Maya only to find out that there is no hotel. And the entire Riviera Maya is at full hotel occupancy.

And we have nowhere to stay. So we’re hustling around we’re trying to find a hotel to stay. And we do all these internet searches.

And finally there’s just one hotel that pops up. And, it’s called hotel let masculine that messy on the back says passion hotel and. So we take a room.

And when we arrived there we find out, it’s this tiny little boutique honeymoon the lovers escape and. So the guy who checks us in he’s very friendly, it’s very friendly. And he kind of looks like Antonio Banderas he’s got like slicked back hair in a ponytail anyways um mark and.

I check in. And he goes okay. So just.

So, you know, it’s a, it’s a double bed there’s only one. And he like looks at us. And sort of smiles.

And we’re like oh, it’s okay we’re brothers. And he’s like. I don’t care and.

So all right fine all good we find out the next day that we can change our room thankfully. And we end up splitting the beds, but still above the bed that we slept in it was like there was a sign that said let’s the flames of your passion ignite your lust, it’s a very appropriate very appropriate and. So while we’re there the friendly concierge looks over.

And goes hi guys what are, you doing tonight. And mark. So it looks over he goes.

I don’t know maybe. We’ll go out uh get totally drunk and, you know sweat let me know. And start drunk let myself into your room and.

I have some fine. And any winks at us, it’s like, it’s the most ridiculous wank. I’ve ever seen morning when we’re leaving he’s finishing up his shift.

And he goes hey guys hope, you enjoyed your stay don’t forget to leave a nice review on hotels calm or whatever advise up. So yeah those were a couple of many awkward stories. And yeah it broke for people we are all for people.

I travel puts, you in awkward situations. I think, you should do more of these yeah this was very PG FY this was a very PG version of the other we go maybe. I want it to be too awkward no no no not there yet not that awkward thank, you guys, it’s for reading um thank, you for joining thank, you for having us in your room yes thank, you what else going to be more often yeah, it’s beautiful anyways all we going it filmed a post over on their Channel.

So with was it ten trying not travel questions. So, it’s a really good questions. So if you want to know more about how we started traveling all that jazz go check out the post definitely great.

And go check out these guys they just started doing a bunch more travels on their blog stuff coming we’re gonna be stealing wives. And Finland too. So that’s gonna be offered what to do an awkward silence.

I comment question number six, you guys only just told us the best what is the worst travel experience that Tuscany tour of Italy. So yeah, this is our first stop, it’s multiple blog beautiful, you see. ?

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