Bagel Depot US Map & Phone & Address

879 Main St, Waltham; (617) 893-4445

339 Washington St. Stoughton; (617) 341-5665


So, you’ve been trying to get the kids to eat spinach for years, with no luck. Try it in a bagel! Spinach is just one of many unusual varieties at this popular bakery and deli. Other flavors include sunflower, blueberry, and their famous cinna-mon-apple. You can get a baker’s dozen in any combination for a decent $4.98.

But man does not live by bread alone, even with one of BD’s various spreads (veggie cream cheese on that spinach bagel, $1.69, is heavenly). A turkey sandwich on a bulkie roll ($4.99) is very big here in all senses of the word. Add a cup of soup and you’ve got a wholesome meal. And, unlike other such shops, Bagel Depot offers almost as much in the way of pastries as a full bakery. Sweets include gigantic gourmet muffins (cappuccino mmm), only 990 apiece; plus cinnamon rolls and freshly baked rugelah in flavors like apricot and chocolate.

Perhaps most unusual about the Bagel Depot are its hours. The Waltham store opens every evening at 9:30 (!) closing at 3:30 p.m. the next day, and 2 P.M. on Sundays. Big appeal for the Brandeis crowd. The Stoughton branch keeps (slightly) more normal hours, from 6 am. to 6

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