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There is another interesting possibility. Wendi told us the Whiting was the last place Johnny Cash performed a full concert before his death. It’s also where he first informed the public of his ailing health. Could the spirit voice “Johnny” be referring to the great Johnny Cash?

The next audio clip occurred on the second investigation. Bev and I were alone on the main stage. I had asked the spirits to communicate with us. At that moment, recorded on the audio, a whispered voice is heard saying, “Can I get out there,” or, “Can I get out now.”

Matt also identified a few interesting EVPs in the actors’ dressing rooms. In Dressing Room #5, the words, “Damn it, damn it, damn it,” were recorded. Sounds like the spirit of an actor having issues before a performance. Creative people are frequently blessed with emotional eruptions … damn it!
We will then glimpse back in time to learn about Haiti’s Bakersfield Map Tourist Attractions history and how the past has played such an important role in molding the country’s present conditions. Bakersfield Map Tourist Attractions People and culture (way of life), and government and economy, are discussed in detail. Finally, we will experience life in Haiti today and then gaze into a crystal ball to see what the future may hold for the country and its people. As you read on, keep a sharp eye out for clues to the meaning of Deye mon, gen mon (Beyond the mountains, more mountains). Physical Geography This chapter is about the relationship between environment and culture, and about Haiti’s physical geography its land features, weather and climate, flora and fauna, and water features. You also will find out how these features and conditions have helped Haitians in some ways and hindered them in others.

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