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It goes without saying that the Charlotte food scene extends beyond barbeque and sweet tea (though the Queen City is known for both, so be sure to sample a traditional Southern meal while you’re in town). It’s possible to find restaurants serving dishes from around the world as well as dishes made from ingredients grown right here in North Carolina. In fact, the number of restaurants focusing on organic, locally grown ingredients has increased tremendously and a growing number of wine lists now feature selections from North Carolina vineyards.

17481749 The Virginia Assembly undertakes a large-scale restructuring of Baltimore Map the colony’s laws. Several of these laws are disallowed by the Board of Trade, Baltimore Map but word of the disallowance takes years to reach Virginia. Great Britain is taking new interest in colonial administration, but the process is slow and inefficient. 1749 The Ohio Company’s huge land grant in the Ohio River Valley is confirmed by the Privy Council. Thomas Lee, acting as governor, declares that the area will be a boon to settlement and a way to block French aspirations. 1751 Robert Dinwiddie becomes governor and institutes a quitrent tax on the land claimed by speculators. Not surprisingly, his actions create an uproar in the House of Burgesses, which claims in 1754 that such a tax hinders settlement and violates the rights of landowners. The Privy Council in London determines that Dinwiddie has the right to impose a tax, but limits the effectiveness of the tax so as to render it negligible. 1754 The French and Indian War, the Country theater of the worldwide Seven Years’ War between France and Great Britain, begins in a dispute over the Ohio River Valley. Prominent members of the Ohio Company include Governor Dinwiddie, George Washington, Richard Henry Lee, and George Mason. The French move in the early 1750s to secure their claim to the region. Virginia responds by dispatching George Washington, who attacks a small group of French soldiers led by Joseph Coulon, Sieur de Jumonville, who dies in the attack. Washington proceeds to build Fort Necessity, which he later surrenders to a much larger French force.

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