Best 4Th Of July Travel Destinations

Best 4Th Of July Travel Destinations

Why a lawyer? Because while I liked teaching, I had decided that, in time, local lawyers would do very well in Anguilla because of foreseeable family conflict over succession land. At the time, lawyers were normally brought in from St. Kitts, some 70 miles south.

I did go ahead and apply for acceptance to the prestigious Middle Temple law institute in London. I, nevertheless, accepted a scholarship to the new University of the West Indies campus in Barbados that was allocated to the island by the university.

The strange thing is that I never made an application for it; for, it was the wise, older Supreme Court lady secretary who typed up, signed and submitted the application after she had failed to convince me that I should do so. To her, I have been and will ever be extremely grateful.

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Her argument was that my wish to become a lawyer was a pipe dream; for, I did not have the money to pursue so lofty a profession; so, I should be realistic and try for the scholarship.

I have had so much advice about so many important things throughout my life; and, I have ignored most, including my need to go cruising; but, regarding this, I came to my senses after a few missed opportunities; and, I finally made the right decision.

Initially, the lack of money was holding me back; but, it ceased to do so after I had tasted the sweetness of travel.

I thought that I had a justifiable reason in declining to dip into my family’s small savings; and, I did not want to jeopardize our publishing business by further shrinking its already shoestring budget. It was against this backdrop that I finally made up my mind in 2001 to travel.

My advice to you is not to ever let money keep you back in anything! Especially travel! Fortunate for you, the times have changed; and, things are heavily in your favour!

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