BEST And WORST Travel Moments

And this one is my best. And worst travel moment of 2017 where. I go through some of the best.

And worst things that happened during this year of travel let’s get started best traveling with Matt this year has been such a treat for many different reasons one, it’s just. So nice to have someone else with, you to travel. And share this with.

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I’ve been travelling solo for. So long. So, it’s been really nice.

And also just the quality of the vlogs as, you guys have seen has been has just skyrocketed this year having Matt do all of cinematography the B room has really really freed up me to be able to do more in depth talking bits give, you more information. And then just putting it all together just creates for much better quality posts and. I hope, you guys have been enjoying that worst when we were traveling in January in Slovenia we had about a three four hour drive to get from Lake Bled to bergamo italy.

And there was a huge snowstorm that happened. So the major highways were closed Google started redirecting us to all of these different alternative routes that would get us to Bergamo little did we know though that the alternative routes that Google was choosing were windy mountain side roads. And nobody else was on it.

So we started driving for a couple hours up these windy mountain hillside roads. And of course we got stuck because we didn’t have any proper chains or even good snow tires. I think we had at least some sort of snow tire we had to get out it was the middle of the night we had to get out of the van.

And start pushing it shoveling the snow. And there was nobody else on the road there was nobody else around us. And we didn’t know where we were going eventually we did end up getting the van turned around we backtracked all the way back to the city whole trip what was supposed to be about a three to four hour long trip took us 12 hours.

And we didn’t get to Bergamo till like 3:00 in the morning best damn at her now. I didn’t really know too much about down her before we were going there Laura from LTA kind of organized it for us as a group, but it was a spiritual community in the hillsides of Italy past Torino Turin area. And this community opened up their doors to us to showcase a bunch of post bloggers around.

And to tell their message of how they live. And eco-friendly building. And how it is in community living.

And there was this one moment when we were in the labyrinth which was one of their underground temples in the mountainside. And they showed us a hidden section that was still being worked on, but we got to get a sneak preview of it now we weren’t able to take any cameras in or taking photos etc we had to just view with our eyes, but halls of these murals of every single God. And deity.

And spiritual figure in the world all together painted up on the ceilings. And it was just. So beautiful.

And when we got out of it the the ladies that were showing us around they started crying. And then we started crying. And then everyone started hugging together.

And there was just this like really special moment worst not buying tickets to the Armory in Moscow now we were travelling in Moscow in the peak of summer which as those experienced travel bloggers, you think. I would know better, but clearly. I didn’t.

So, you have to buy the tickets to see in the Kremlin in different parts. And the armory is one of the most elaborate museums in the world that’s in the Kremlin unfortunately we couldn’t get tickets to go see it because they were all sold out for the dates that we were in Moscow now of course we booked it beforehand we would have been able to do that no, it’s kind of like a rookie travel mistake that. I just went ah come on eating.

So that kind of sucked best helicoptering over BC now. I grew up in DC both Matt grew up in DC and. So, it’s a very special place for us obviously, it’s our home.

And Misha who is another youtuber invited us to go up on a helicopter ride over the BC mountains the West Coast mountains. So obviously we said yes. And it was.

So whoo well. I mean. I’ve been up in a helicopter before, but not for this long.

And we just stopped off on a glacier. And then we were running around. And we got to see just such a different perspective of BC a different perspective of like where we grew up which is a really unique experience worst canoeing for seven hours now the original plan for Welles gray Park when we decided to do an overnight camping.

And canoeing trip was we would canoe camp canoe back we didn’t fully plan out how much canoeing that was involved. And also it’d been a while since we canoed especially for me. So it ended up being about three to four hours of canoeing each way which is a lot of canoeing if you’re not used to canoeing.

And we were filming. And planning on camping. And we were sightseeing all the waterfalls.

And wells great before then. So he was just ended being really exhausting and. I got blisters on my hands best Russia with my dad.

So in Hungary Finland. And Russia my dad was also traveling alongside with me. And Matt now, you guys don’t know this because he was never in any of the post footage because he doesn’t like being on camera and.

I respect that, but anytime. I get to travel with my dad is always just a really awesome really really heartfelt cool trip an experience that like. I get to share what.

I do. And my world with him. And he really wanted to go see Budapest she really wanted to see Russia he studied Russian when he was in school.

So it was a really cool trip. And it was a really really special trip for us in that sense as well worst the lack of vegan food in asturias region not normally what. I’m travelling there really isn’t that much of an issue finding food or vegan food, but we really liked visiting small seaside villages all along the coast in Asturias which was gorgeous.

And beautiful. And had amazing seafood, but very little vegan options. And there were a couple times where we ended up just searching for like an hour plus just to find something that.

I could eat and. I would end up with bread or french fries or like a salad that was just lettuce. And tomatoes that was it that was all it was.

So it was it was kind of frustrating he’s all looked like a full worst, but we ended up just going to the grocery store. And making a bunch of sandwiches. And we ate sandwiches for several different meals when we were in Asturias because that was the only option that.

I had best our 30th birthday in Greece this was a trip that we took with our two best friends many. And and we were all celebrating turning 30 yes. I am 13 years old now.

And it was just like a really cool trip that we got to spend a lot of time together. And doing a lot of cool activities. And things to see.

And just celebrating like heading into another decade is literally another decade worst like the worst one Matt slicing open his leg on the top of the mountain in Zermatt. So we were in Switzerland at the top of the mountain. And Matt was filming me following in front with the camera behind.

And there were these long metal poles sticking out of the ground they didn’t see. And he sleight it was like a freak accident, but he sliced open his leg on the wing nut of the poem. And it actually cut really deep a lot more deeper than we were expecting.

And there was like this huge confusion of what was happening he was bleeding. And he needed to go to the hospital the clinic like it definitely needed stitches. So the lady at the top called a helicopter to come get him up because we were literally again at the top of a mountain, but Matt was airlifted from the top of the mountain to go to the local clinic in Zermatt because the hospital was actually quite a bit further down because there Matt’s a little small village ditched him up to put a bunch of like bandages.

And gauze over it. And they had to have crutches for about two days it wasn’t very long just to make sure that the stitches wouldn’t pull, but he was really lucky that he didn’t sever any of the tendon. So it could have been a lot worse.

And yeah it was just a freak accident then that was like really calm about and. I was the one that was freaking out mainly cuz like. I never dealt with like on a medical emergency before.

And that was my first time. I’ve ever had to deal with something on this scale in the end it was all covered or, it’s gonna be all covered by travel insurance we were already reimbursed for the helicopter ride which was $5,000 by the way um. And we will be reimbursed for the clinic stay even though we’re still waiting on that, but the insurance company was like really helpful.

And yeah get travel insurance honestly it pays off because freak accidents like this happened it was a total freak accident best. So asturias was kind of a last minute decision where we were in London. And we had a couple days in between our next trip.

And we said hey where can we go that would be cool we haven’t been before. And there were flights going to Oviedo in Asturias. And we said hey let’s do that serious was such a surprise it was such a beautiful part of the world that.

I didn’t know anything about. I didn’t know anything about that the northern part Spain. And then pikas de ropa amazing mountainsides that.

I felt like. I was in like Patagonia area. I felt like.

I was in the Alps. I didn’t know Spain had such crazy mountains like because Europa which literally, it’s called the peaks of Europe. So worst the wine be rose on our LT a road trip.

So when we went up to Lake Tahoe we had to converted school buses which was awesome because we were able to fit 14 people into both of these buses heading up there, but it also meant that we were taking these windy roads. And to convert school buses filled with people. And it took us way longer than we thought it would to get up to Lake Tahoe.

So what ended up being like two full days of driving to get there we had a day there. And then it was like two full days of driving back which kind of is not in the most ideal situation especially because it was like 40 degrees Celsius outside which is like a hundred for Fahrenheit it was the middle of summer in California. And it was.

So hot. And there was no a c. And we were these buses.

And the. And they ended up breaking down because they were overheating. I mean it was kind of like chaos, but it all worked out.

And we had a really great time with our friends, but sometimes these things happen when you’re traveling. So there, you go there was all of the best of worst things that happened to me this year. And now.

I am interested to hear your stories what are some of the best. And worst things that happened to, you in this year of travel let me know down below in the comments because. I love hearing your guys’s travel stories.

And all the things that you’re getting up to. And yeah. I can’t this has been a really good year of travel whoa into a lot of places we did a lot of posts and.

I cannot wait for 2018 to bring, you even more cool adventures. And stuff. So thank, you again for subscribing to my blog if you aren’t already make sure, you hit that comment button go follow me on Instagram for a really cool photos and.

I can’t wait for 2018, it’s gonna be sweet, it’s gonna be awesome alright see, you guys then there in the future. ?

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