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Late in the night I left and made my way home Best China family vacations along the dark alleys. Some were completely unlit, unnerving when you meet people. Fortunately Best China family vacations I knew my way around town by now, and with relief I came to the mosque square, an area faintly lit by street lights and some market stalls still open for food. Kebabs and ice cream by candlelight. The candles have extra thick wicks so they don’t blow out in the breeze. Towards the hotel it got dark again and the last half-mile was an uphill trudge, but I managed to hitch a ride on a donkey cart which had nearly run me down.

Perhaps most tragic was the body of Eunice White, just a few days from delivering their much anticipated baby. She had obviously been awake and aware of her attacker. Bullet wounds in her arms indicated an attempt to protect herself. Another bullet was found lodged in her neck yet another in her head.

Ray, hearing noises in the kitchen, entered to find the housekeeper, Julia Reese, getting ready to make breakfast. She was completely unaware of what horrors lay in the next rooms. When told, she’d was shocked and claimed she’d heard noting the night before.

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