Hey oh it is a well it was a sunny day here in Canada, but we are currently heading up the mountain to go skiing. And snowboarding.

And the reason we’re heading up today is because there is just been a bunch of new snowfall which means let me map fresh powder fresh powder. And my skating powder Okanagan super famous for its dry powder yeah the snows really, it’s really cool too the stone is really dry. And fluffy super fluffy powder this is.


I would say. I am oh man okay what’s wrong yeah, it’s just the we practice my Winter Olympics Thailand yes what are, you going. I’m gonna do the record as the red curry are the pad thai actually.

I might get pad thai cuz that cur last night well. I got myself a manga York spell would, you get chicken retrigger up chipotle chicken wrap. So that’s my delicious lunch show me we shall this way.

I believe. So print out all right got myself a nice Thai belly belly pollutant pad thai that was actually one of the most delicious vegan pad Titans. I’ve had just let it up with the GoPro on my head.

I feel like. I’m like one of those Teletubbies Teletubbies they have the screens on their stomachs a couple episodes. I see that as braving the trees why take the wider path temperature.

I don’t know what, it’s called, it’s the other side of the mountain we haven’t been to pack nut that’s it that’s it days done. And the clouds are rolling in alright. So all of our batteries died.

And is until we got back into the car that we were able to warm them up again. So our ski day snow snowboarding day. I should say, it’s finished we did a total of 10 runs.

I think it was about minus 15 degrees Celsius. So batteries don’t like the gold batteries really don’t like the cool also my toes do not like the cold my toes the sweaters they called it quits oh pretty much at the beginning of our last well the last couple runs they were done they were they were retired for the baby already looking to go inside. And have hot chocolate to steal are, you excited for that probably not anyways thank, you guys.

So much for reading this post if you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up don’t forget to let me know actually down below in the comments what your favorite winter sport is since, you know there’s a lot of winter sports. I only do a couple of them, but what’s winter sports do, you guys get up to let me know. And that will stand again in a few days time with another post.

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