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Flat Horn Lake

Trail Highlights

The circuit hike around Flat Horn Lake follows the shoreline, or is only slightly away from the shore, except at the south end of the lake where it passes the old site of the Environmental Learning Center. The new Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center is near Finland where they offered their first class in the Fall of 1988. The Environmental Learning Center at Flat Horn Lake was a former Civilian Conservation Corps camp and was closed after the kitchen burned down. All that’s left now are the concrete pads of razed buildings and parking lots.

On the west side of the lake, the circuit trail intersects several crosscountry ski trails that are part of the extensive Flat Horn-Gegoka Trail System. These trails offer opportunities for exploring away from the lake, but may eventually run into wet areas unsuitable for hiking. Talk with a ranger at the Isabella Ranger Office and carry a map and compass if you go exploring on these trails.

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