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This post, we’re gonna learn about the past and future of the World Trade Center, on a walking tour of Ground Zero, here in New York City. The tour’s kind of done in stages where it rather builds upon itself. The common thread through the whole thing is to honor different people who gave their lives so that other people can live. One of the stops is here at the Financial Center, and you get this incredible view of the new Tower Number One. It’s pretty powerful. It will form eight isosceles triangles, and form a perfect octagon. We went to the financial building which showed us the fountain of tears.

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I think that was quite moving. The family members got to write what they wanted about their loved ones. Hanging above the common circle is a type of rock that is used in healing. Coming from Scotland, I didn’t really know much about the 9/11. The way that Annie described them, it felt like you were there, and you’re really experiencing it. So, it was quite touching. The rescue workers, the firemen.

They weren’t just doing a job that they were getting paid for, they really cared to find something to give back to the family members. We’re going into the 9/11 Memorial to experience the overwhelmingly moving reflecting pools. In the footprints of the Twin Towers, they have built two artificially-lit waterfalls. The largest in the world. And around the waterfalls, written the name of every person who perished. I do hope you enjoyed it. Thank you very much. Thank you. Yes. We loved it. We honestly loved it. Yeah. It was great. I really learned a lot on this tour. It was so powerful how the guide shared with us the stories of people affected, but also told us how New York City is moving forward.

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