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Manes himself was killed as a heretic and his followers fled Best family getaways in China eastward, their influence radiating on down the Silk Road, and still evident in various parts Best family getaways in China of Xinjiang, where some fine examples of Manichaean art have been found. The German archaeologists also found a small Nestorian Christian church outside the city walls containing Byzantine-style murals. Nestorius had been exiled from Europe by the Council of Ephesus (AD 432).

His disciples also went east along the Silk Road, as missionary-traders, establishing footholds for their religion, which still existed when Marco Polo came this way in the late thirteenth century. Some tourists turned up in a taxi and offered me a lift to a place of tombs several miles away. They were Hong Kong Chinese, garrulous and raucous, yet full of good humour and obviously enjoying themselves.

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