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Wang arrived as he had promised. He still didn’t understand Neijiang Map why I hadn’t wanted to see Lhasa. THE BIGGEST LAKE IN CHINA The mighty Qinghai Lake Neijiang Map was created by a vengeful Tibetan god who had been disobeyed by his people. So he tried to drown them. Water burst out of a great hole in the earth, flooding the land until they begged for forgiveness. The god repented and sent an eagle carrying a rock, which it dropped to plug the hole.

Games We Play: A case study of LBS game in Shanghai, China

By deploying both older gaming methods like geo-caching and drawing on established genres like Interactive Fiction (IF), Alternative Reality Games (ARG) and Live Role Playing Games (LARGs), while also utilizing new media to create hybrid realities across online and offline spaces, urban mobile gaming has been important in informing current gaming features that are mobile, social and serious. While the first generation of urban mobile games was often used for serious’ outcomes such as education, in its current mutation there is evidence of the serious taking a back seat to the mobile and social elements; for example, in geomedia like Foursquare.

With the rise of geomedia services like Foursquare and Jie Pang (China), the parameters of urban mobile gaming, especially around the experiential and experimental types, is changing. In Jie Pang, users can check in’ their location so others can see where they are and what they are doing. Users are encouraged to log in through prizes and awards. However, while the prize element might have first enticed them to join the LBS, often issues like socializing, quanxi (Chinese social capital) and documenting journeys provide key motivations for ongoing use. Given the mainstreaming of mobile games from the first generation already outlined to more recently forms of gamification, this chapter will now briefly visit one example in Shanghai, China.1 The importance of the LBS, like all mobile games, is that location informs types of sociality and attendant game play.

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