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The statue of James Wolfe, commander of the British forces at the capture of Quebec in 1759. After his death in the battle his body was brought back to Greenwich for burial in St Alfege’s Church. The statue by Tait Mackenzie is located on the crest of the hill outside the Royal Observatory main entrance facing north. The plinth still carries the damage inflicted by a bomb during a World War Two air-raid.

The 24-hour clock outside the main entrance to the Royal Observatory appears to be confusing one visitor.

Tourists from all parts of the world love to be snapped standing on the Prime Meridian.

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The Queen’s House, designed 1616 by Inigo Jones, was a gift from King James I to his wife, Queen Anne of Denmark. It straddled the London-Dover highway, running between high walls across the Royal Park. Rooms cantilevered across the highway permitted the King, Queen and Royal Courts to reach Greenwich Park from the riverside parts of the Palace without disturbing the longstanding right of way of merchants, travellers and townsfolk. The design was based on those of Palladio which Inigo Jones had seen on his travels in Italy in 1601 and 1613. Today it forms the centrepiece of the National Maritime Museum and houses an outstanding collection of marine and other paintings as well as providing a prestigious venue for major events, weddings and other celebrations.

The Queen’s House from Greenwich Park.

The old (north) entrance of the National Maritime Museum.

The new main entrance of the National Maritime Museum, part of the Sammy Ofer Wing opened in 2011, faces Greenwich Park and has two long, constantly-running cascades of water and fine landscaping.

The Museum has a popular cafe at the new entrance, with a gourmet restaurant on the floor above.

Serene yet strong, majestic yet sedate, Swift without violence, without terror great. Matthew Prior Elizabeth and Leicester Beating oars The stern was formed A gilded shell Red and gold The brisk swell Rippled both shores Southwest wind Carried down stream The peal of bells White towers…

From The Waste Land: Section III The Fire Sermon (1922) by TS Eliot (1888-1965)

The finish of the annual Great River Race at Island Gardens opposite Greenwich. This 22-mile race used to be rowed downstream through the heart of the capital by some 250 crews in a wide variety of craft. Recently, the Race has started at Millwall to finish upriver at Ham.

The North Sea Race Greenwich, 2 June 2000.

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