Best summer destinations in the US

The Eighteen Lake


0.0 The hike begins at the trail sign and heads south (to the left) along the lake shore among red and white pines, balsams, cedars, and white birches.

0.2 A bench on the lake shore under an awning of pines and cedars.

0.5 Cross a small wooden bridge at the southern end of the lake. Here the trail turns upstream where a plank bridge crosses it.

1.3 The trail descends to the lake shore and a bench.

1.4 The trail begins to make its way around a small cove. Look for giant white pines.

1.5 The trail makes a short, steep ascent of a ridge and then descends just as steeply.

1.6 The trail ascends a short steep slope to a bench.

1.9 The trail ascends steeply with a view of the lake to the south.

2.3 A small rock outcropping near the water’s edge among red and white pines provides a good vantage point from which view the lake. Otherwise you can use the bench in about 200 feet.

2.4 The trail bears right and descends steeply to the lake shore.

2.7 Trailhead.

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