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Trail Highlights

White birch and balsam fir make up the bulk of the forest you will be hiking. There are white pines near the northeast corner of Hogback Lake, white cedars around the southeast end of Scarp Lake, and scattered maples on the ridges. From the trailhead, the trail heads east along the shore of Hogback Lake. At the east end of Hogback, the trail turns away from the lake and climbs a hogback ridge north of Scarp Lake. The route continues east along this ridge passing between Mound and Scarp lakes. The trail eventually descends the ridge, rounds the east end of Scarp Lake, and climbs another hogback and heads west.

At the west end of Scarp Lake, the trail follows the portage trail to Canal Lake. This trail parallels a small canal that loggers used in the 1930s to move timber from Scarp Lake to Canal Lake and over to Hogback Lake. The trail continues along the shore of Canal Lake to a point of land between it and Hogback Lake. Here the trail once again turns east and ascends the first ridge of this route and intersects the trail running back to Hogback Lake and the trailhead.

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