Best Sunsets in Mandalay Myanmar

A little copyscape is coming to handy so much every single morning we’ve been coming on to the after the route start for a coffee to like to catch an amazing way to start every single morning the Cubs did we’d be here. So we have the afternoon off we’ve decided to come down to mandalay hill to climb up see the pagoda at the top we’ve been told it’s one thousand seven hundred, and twenty years step to get to the top.

Best Sunsets in Mandalay Myanmar Photo Gallery

But we have an uncertain school. So he can do it oh I can do early Earth assessments or anything else we go okay I think we are just over halfway now that looks like a just couple I feel like we did cheat a little bit. Because we walked the path about halfway through it’s just about 900 steps. But it looks like cheating didn’t pay off. Because now we have to really sleep it all related to the top crazy ash like hey Zee Cine am i right like always sand, and dirt, and dust like flying up into the air not much visibility. But it does give it like a cool unique look to it I can once the Sun comes down a bit in all the colors fit all the shopping yeah we found a contemplate if we should tax you down for walk the steps down and, I’m a feeling we might be taxing it down, and we’re going to go outfitting this month. Because who wants to cook after walking up a thousand steps we deserve the dollar meal we’re going to have for dinner tonight exactly be prepared to very dirty feet if you ever come to Myanmar we haven’t been to India yet.

But from the spoilers in the posts of seeing of India that some said we were just reading right there was it looks like an Indian sunset their colors the tactical colors were. So beautiful Wow that, and the Zambezi sunrise is one of the most beautiful sunsets sunrises I’ve ever seen the gyri decided instead of walking down with court system the local taxi literally just jumped out of a taxi with twenty automotive holes we just found the place we do not jump Nina made the rescue volunteers yeah this is like the fancy place we’ve we’ve eaten clerks ah ah there’s everyone the mills, and main ma only cheap they are humongous like like look how big this stupid you needed a soup bowl for your soup Hey everybody the next day, and we come in sure the capacity to the kids, and at the end of the lessons who have decided to play some uno weapon Antioch area we were only has me yellow to put it down get blue or two sorry since it’s red do it yeah I can do it now lunch break, and Steven, and I found out the road is this little bakery, and they sell the knife design coffee, and the little chocolate buns we’re currently a little bit upset. But iced coffee if you guys are wanting to get a SIM card we recommend going to display scored a red eye or show you guys the price these are the prices. So we always get the six gigabytes fill out nine bucks last time you guys were interested. Because some of you are asking about being worried about internet speeds do work I just do three tests on like three bars with 4G just in our room 10 download 1.85 upload perfectly fine like an 800 mm megabyte post it takes us like 50 minutes to upload thing is this Friday afternoon we’ve all decided to head out. So we all jumped into a taxi, and we’ve gone to a place called you Bainbridge, and this is meant to be the longest peak our wooden bridge in the world, and it is really long 1.

2 kilometers long to be exact these are you ready for another epic concert I received music some coastal summarizes your memo guys this bridge is over 200 years old that’s older than me became like halfway up the bridge. Because we wanted to go take some photos of the boats over there. So I think we have to like climb up to get to the bridge yeah I think we’re gonna look for a ladder. So you can go up. Because we’re kind of like not at the beginning, and not the end repeat it also don’t come here don’t come to Myanmar in the wet season if you plan on seeing that you bainbridge it’s closed off most of the area’s flooded Oh Jessie walking under the bridge that’s a phase what are you doing okay looks like we found some stairs to climb up we’ll probably maybe just over halfway. So weird. Because there’s no railing I feel like you just just fall off, and it’s like there’s decent height yeah the perfect timer I know look at that how beautiful is it look.

So besides the bridge I wonder what the next hottest tourist attraction is they’re not a hundred percent sure how stable this is it is squeaking, and there’s a lot of people on this bridge also I think the geese are going somewhere welcome to rid of the rock. So we can get down to the water’s edge the relay from sunset photo apparently walking on what in the wet season you can see would be each of full of water then a half arm gets to money. But we’ll see how I think we showed you got some pretty unique some sex. But I think tomorrow sunset well which will probably come out Monday for you guys is when we’re going to begin, and that’s really the highlight of me amadís rumors white everyone at the moment is coming to me, and last. But at least we’ve seen like. So many incredible sunsets, and it’s been. So good I really enjoy that one now that the Sun is set all the tourists are gone pretty much have the bridge to ourselves, and so much better yeah it’s gone now I was a showman don’t you think like everyone’s gone now that the sun’s gone our taxi driver literally talked to the best part hi.

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