Best Travel Destinations For Young Couples

Best Travel Destinations For Young Couples

The concept took on legs; went viral throughout the local publishing industry; and, received much free publicity. However, the magazine was never launched, despite efforts by a couple of reputable firms to acquire equity or a controlling interest.

I had learnt from a Mr. Neville Hercules – a Kirby vacuum cleaner sales office owner – that 100% of nothing was nothing; but, I did not wish to surrender control of my baby to anybody for anything; and,

I, certainly, was not going to let anybody hoodwink me.

So, my WASP wife and I looked for venture capital. We ended up choosing a business in the Toronto Sun building; and, fell prey to some clever guys; but, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) moved in and closed down the operation.

My wife and I ended up as key witnesses for the prosecution; but, justice was not done; for, though there was jail time for the defrauders, it was fail time for our magazine; for, while success seemed imminent, it was snatched away.

However, before its stillborn demise, the magazine opened doors – real and opportunity-wise – for travelling in style, as though I was a rich and famous celebrity.

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