Best Travel Destinations With Toddlers

Best Travel Destinations With Toddlers

When the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) shut it down, we were told that we would qualify for aid from the Federal Business Development Bank (now Business Development Bank of Canada) because I was black and she was a woman; and, we were a mixed couple.

Its website says, “BDC is the only bank dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs. We offer financing, venture capital…”

The man we initially saw told us that the Bank would match each dollar that we raised. We later saw, I think, a vice president for that area who talked about equity financing; but, nothing came out of either option. The exposure and experience were, nevertheless, priceless. We had travelled in another way!

Now, afer that long – hopefully interesting – diversion, I return you to industry personnel’s definition of “luxury travel”.

George Morgan-Grenville, Chief Executive Officer, Red Savannah:

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2. “…Today’s luxury traveler seeks more depth of understanding and immersion into local culture than ever before. People don’t just want to see – they want to participate. ”

To me – according to this – if you decide to backpack across Southeast Asia or New Zealand or Australia, you qualify as a luxury traveler, even though you do not have the luxury to spend freely and travel in true comfort.

So, gain comfort from this; and, prepare yourself to leave your limited traditional comfort zone to go out into the big world to see new places and faces; immerse and develop a new thirst for seeing, tasting and participating; and, invariably, enjoying and experiencing different cultures.

Andrew Carr, Managing Director, Kennedy & Carr Ireland Travel:

3. “Luxury travel is a privilege truly experienced by few. To our private and custom tour clients it means having the right balance of local insight, independence and flexibility. ”

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