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I’ve been talking about travel insurance. So for this post. I’m partnered with nationwide.

And we’re going to discuss some of the benefits. And what, you need to know about travel insurance now. I am an avid purchaser of travel insurance because although.

I never think that. I’m going to need it or hope that. I will need it if.

I do actually need it I’ll be very very glad that. I purchase it. So for this post I’ll be using examples from nationwide travel policies as they are one of the only larger personal lines.

And auto insurers to offer this product there are of course other providers that offer their own policies and. I encourage, you to do research to find out which one best suits you, but for this post I’ll be talking about the policies that nationwide offers. So what does travel insurance cover travel like your car.


And your home is an investment it costs money, it’s a big cost. And that’s why, it’s important to buy insurance for it because insurance just allows, you to worry that much less about things going wrong on your trip. So, you could enjoy it basically there are your medical costs with, you know emergency hospital visits.

And while. I’ve never needed to use the medical part of my insurance. I have traveled with friends that have needed to use it, you know these things happen.

And wealthy, you don’t want them to happen sometimes they have been powerful insurance helps cover the cost of these travel insurance also covers things such as lost luggage like when, you arrive at a place. And your bag doesn’t. And suddenly, you need to buy toothpaste.

And toothbrush. And a new pair of clothes to wear travel insurance covers the cost of this to make sure that, you don’t smell Plus trip cancellation. And interruption costs which basically just allowing, you to protect the money that, you already spent on your trip land types since.

I travel so much. I always buy the annual travel insurance policies or multi trip policies which basically covers me for all of my trips all year round actually really awesome.

I buy it once don’t have to worry about it. I’m covered. So for the frequent travelers or people who are taking a couple of more trips a year multi trip policies now if you aren’t taking multiple trips per a year there are of course single trip policies, but, this is going to cover trip interruption trip cancellation lost baggage.

And more single trip policies whoa there’s even brand-new travel insurance plans specifically for cruises yeah that’s right now, this is a brand new product offered by nationwide. So let’s go into some of the details since some of, you might not be familiar with cruise travel insurance for example here are some things covered by cruise ship insurance port of call changes which provides a one-time benefit of up to $1,250 fourth of any itinerary changes made by the cruise line prior to your departure shipboard service disruptions another itinerary change inconvenience benefit a one-time benefit of up to $250 per person if the cruise line suffers a mechanical breakdown fire fires outbreak or other service disruption on your cruise that causes your itinerary to change yeah a prepaid excursion reimbursement a one-time benefit of up to $1,000 per person for ténéré changes after the cruise depart causing, you to cancel your prepaid excursions return home early reimbursement of travel costs left with thousand dollars per person for, you to return home if you elect to abandon your cruise. And return home early, you also get an extended period of time between the initial deposit for the cruise.

And the departure date up to 24 months because cruises can be purchased further in advance than other types of trips cancellation for extension school operating session as a covered reason because extreme weather is more common cause a schools to exhaust their snow days and. So they end up pushing. And adding more days at the end of the year the ability to cancel your cruise because of this TV see warning issues on port of call of your itinerary available on most comprehensive cruise ship plans.

So yeah there, you go obviously. I can’t go into every single detail about travel insurance policies, but hopefully you’ve learned something and, you have got a little bit more insight into crew specific travel insurance policies because that’s like a whole new thing yeah thank you so much for reading this post.

And have, you guys ever had any experiences on your travels with or without travel insurance let me know down below in the comments so. I will see, you guys again in a few days time with another post bye, this is the blyde river canyon it is the third largest canyon in the world right behind the Grand Canyon in the US. And the Fish River Canyon in Namibia.

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