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The McDougal Lake

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0.0 The beginning of the trail, marked with a sign, begins at the west end of the parking lot and sets out along the shore of the lake.

0.3 Bench with view of the lake. From here the trail turns away from the lake and passes through a forest swamp.

0.5 The trail bears to the right and onto a low ridge. In about 300 feet the trail descends from the ridge. Watch for charred stumps along the way.

0.6 Trailside bench.

0.9 Trailhead.

ALMA ROSA WINERY & VINEYARDS In the late 1960s, U Best US tourist destinations .C. Berkeley geography graduate Richard Sanford returned from service in Vietnam yearning for a career far Best US tourist destinations removed from the sadness of war. The prospect of growing Pinot Noir grapes intrigued him, and he embarked on a study of California climate data collected since 1900. The statistics revealed fascinating patterns in northern Santa Barbara County, where the unusual transverse mountain range runs east-west, funneling cool maritime air through the valleys to moderate the growing climate. Sanford was convinced that this part of the state could produce world-class Pinot Noir grapes to rival the best in France.

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