Map Of West End Glasgow

75 Bothwell Street

Decorative Carving

Architects: Clarke and Bell (c. 1890)

This Renaissence building was owned by Barr & Higgins Ltd, a coal mining company. They went from 41 employees in 1896 to over 700 in 1923. We don’t know if they ordered the construction of this magnificent building with its turbaned door guardians, but they quickly moved on to even grander premises. It was truly the golden age of steam!

Mercantile Chambers 35-69 Bothwell Street

Mercury, Allegorical Figures of Industry,

Prudence, Prosperity and Fortune and Associated Decorative Carving

Sculptors; Francis Derwent Wood, James Young, McGilvray and Ferris (1891, 1898, 1901)

The Bothwell Street office block supports no less than five full-size figures, including another carving of Mercury. However, far from the heroic, mythological treatment he usually receives, this Mercury appears tired, forlorn, and altogether human.

Map Of West End Glasgow Photo Gallery

Former Commercial Bank of Scotland 30 Bothwell Street

Allegorical Relief Panels

Sculptor: Gilbert Bayes (1934-5)

Made of Portland stone, these six large panels depict Justice, Wisdom, Contentment, Prudence, and Industry and Commerce (pictured). According to critical opinion, we are unlikely to see this particular kind of neoclassical commercial architecture again, as its trend subsided before the onset of the Second World War.

64 Waterloo Street

Roderick Dhu, James Fitz-James, Ellen Douglas and Associated Decorative Carving

Sculptor: Richard Ferris (1898-1900)

Standing atop pillars against the building’s main facade are the three principle characters from Sir Walter Scott’s The Lady of the Lake. The depiction of Rhoderick Dhu was the same one used on the bottles of ‘Old Highland Whiskey’ produced by original owners Wright & Greig Ltd.

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