Burg Nova Scotia obviously Lunenburg being on the coast has a huge history of fishing it was a big part of their industry it started with salt cod. And now, it’s moved on to scallops. And fish there all right this morning we are doing a walking tour of Old Town Illidan burg now, this is actually a UNESCO World Heritage designated site one of three in Nova Scotia mainly because of the beautifully preserved heritage building.

The AMAZING East Coast of NOVA SCOTIA Photo Gallery

So there’s 42 blocks of them that kind of span all over with different styles. And we’re kinda go take a little bit look running. So it was established in 1753.

So pretty old again for Canada’s all of Nova Scotia really is the beginnings of Canada Canada itself is not a very old country we’re not even 150 yet. So one of the things to note here is because, it’s a world UNESCO heritage site a lot of buildings have to have the original there’s like a style that they have to keep to on the exterior of the buildings. So the oldest building is from 1753.

And, it’s the Cape cod-style which is a very simple style. And then, you also have the Georgian style which is a more simpler style as well as the Victorian which is very elaborate very ornate. And last, but not least Lunenburg own architectural out of, it’s a style, but, it’s an architectural piece called a Lunenburg bump, it’s almost like a widow’s watch, but it can be found like on the outsides of the buildings kind of yeah like a widow’s watch just did it Akeno.

I know the dog was reading the vlog he’s cool with that though plus Lindenberg has three of the oldest churches in Canada, it’s crazy apple vodka definitely still a maraca. I don’t know what. I was expecting.

I was acting like an apple cider. I’m definitely still vodka. So quickly grabbing MIT at the saltshaker deli because we got a ferry to catch.

And we don’t want it currently taking the lahat cable ferry is one of the oldest cable car ferries in North America, but 10 minute ride across the Lahab or to the cable car ferry, you hello there welcome to one tree island where the inhabitants are literally one tree what is the name of sub tree tree because it has to compete with no other trees, this is part of the LaHaye Islands we’re currently kayaking with Lehane Adventure currently in Dublin Bay. And it is absolutely a beautiful series of islands hi guys welcome to my home Bay. And welcome to their annual Scarecrow Festival there are over 200 different scarecrows, but we are going to be on a mission to try.

And find them all like Pokemon, it’s Captain Jack scarecrow the British royal family this one is like future scarecrow me, but instead of monkeys with cat, this is my favorite thing this pumpkin tree yeah we are at Peggy’s Cove, this is one of the most photographed places in Canada. And a highly highly recommended spot when we were in how back well the things you’re recommended to do. And to check out your Liverpool was caused because.

And, it’s full of these handmade mmm concrete metalled sculpture know what the framed round metal thick just on the best go to a dragon oh my god Wow, you let’s see what this wooden box treasure trove holds the rest money today sweet all right first things first eating utensils our sandwiches all right Matt, you want blue spirally or green polkadot Lou spiral awesome for, you lobster roll lobster rolls and. I’ve got myself a veggie wrap oh yeah picnic time all right let’s picnic are, you ready. I’m sorry cold, this is a very small space for this boy cute with a little bit more forceful than my watch.

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