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It’s a safe bet that the South earned its reputation for being backward because of the arcane liquor laws. One of the longest-standing laws on the books is the private clubs rule, which says that bars are required to operate as private clubs that are open to members and their guests. For clubgoers, it often means filling out a membership application and coughing up a small fee (equal to a cover charge). The law has been in effect since 1977, but enforcement is sporadic. In most cases revelers won’t be asked to sign on as members before entering their nightspot of choice, but don’t be surprised if you’re presented with a pen and an application form before you’re allowed entry; some bars do take the rules seriously.

The war begins in Africa, where British forces capture Dutch Mozambique Map strongholds on the slave coast. The Dutch respond by retaking the forts and proceeding to the Caribbean Mozambique Map to wreak havoc on British shipping, destroying cargoes of sugar on the way to England. The Jamaican government under Thomas Modyford convinces pirates operating out of Port Royal to attack Dutch interests. After early successes, however, the fleet chooses not to attack the more heavily armed island of Cura§ao. The French enter the war on the side of the Dutch and take St. Kitts while they raid the coast of Barbados. Both England and France dispatch warships to the region, and the British fleet defeats a combined Dutch-French fleet. In 1667, the Treaty of Breda ends the war by returning almost all colonies to their previous owners.

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