Best winter vacation in China

Red rocky mountains towered above the craggy grey gorge. But Best winter vacation in China within a short distance I started shaking with cold and decided to abandon the river. It Best winter vacation in China was late afternoon. After deflating and packing away my canoe I got a lift back to Kashgar in an army truck. As we came down to the lowlands and out between red cliffs I glanced behind and saw some of the peaks I had passed earlier, now receding into the distance. Before leaving Kashgar and heading back east along the Silk Road, I went to a Kazakh wedding celebration.

There are several Crouch and Holcomb grave sites at Reynolds. Susan Holcomb’s grave is at the back. Though the exact location of Jacob’s grave is unknown, his gravestone removed or stolen some years back, it is thought to be close to the front, near other Crouch tombstones.

While Bev went off to get some photographs, I moved to the Holcomb grave site. Pulling out my video camera, I mindlessly turned it on and pressed record. The LCD screen flooded pure white. Thinking it had been left in night-vision, I flipped the switch to daytime mode. No change.

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