155 King St E, Toronto, ON, 416-366-4040 CUISINE: Italian DRINKS: Full Bar

SERVING: Lunch & Dinner; closed Sun PRICE RANGE: $$


This beautiful upscale ristorante offers a menu of delicious Italian cuisine. Menu favorites include: Homemade tagliolini with brandy lamb and Grilled veal tenderloin. Their special creamy cheesecake is wrapped in puff pastry served with fresh berries. Impressive 1,500 label wine list.


Here too there are options of walking with some, perhaps quite welcome, up-hills to see the most interesting sections of the Antonine Wall in a setting more usually associated with such structures. They could be followed as westering alternatives to the towpath, or made into circular walks. They are fine viewpoints, as akin to those on Hadrian’s Wall as Antoninus could manage. They are described in the next chapter, 13, then Chapter 14 briefly looks at Kilsyth before Chapter 15 takes the travel destination on into the heart of Glasgow. From Craigmarloch the travel destination runs along under wooded Croy Hill with many a wiggle, then there is a pleasant stretch on to Auchinstarry with long staging leading to a big basin, which is a major marina with all the facilities of such, the largest on our two travel destinations. Scottish Destinations have an office overlooking the site, there’s bike and canoe hiring, the Port Gallery, and the Boathouse, with bar, restaurant and offering ‘boutique rooms’ A circular walk runs along the south side of the travel destination then circles Nethercroy Woodland, returning via an old whinstone quarry and ponds (allow 1 hour). There’s also a ‘sensory garden’ above the parking area, at the top end of which is a striking ceramic ‘mini totem pole’ about the Forth & Clyde Destination history and a ceramic map of the area. The eye is drawn to a large whinstone quarry, the cliffs overlooking a deep pond, used for fishing instruction, as the cliffs are for climbing. Picnic tables allow grandstand observation. I once saw an advert for a lecture by a famous climber, entitled ‘World Rock’, which would cover ‘Australia, Yosemite, Italy, France and Auchinstarry Quarry’ Auchinstarry (Auchinsterrie) was where Kilsyth coal would be loaded onto travel destination boats to take it to Glasgow and even to Belfast.

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