What is there to do on board for kids in Disneyland?

1. The Oceaneer Club is on Deck 5 and designed for kids aged 3 to 10. You can star in your own play, eat lunch and dinner, meet a Disney character, hang out Pixie Hollow or in Andy’s Room from Toy Story, check out Disney’s Explorer Pod submarine inspired by Finding Nemo, or chill out in Monster’s Academy. There is a 103-inch plasma screen TV for watching movies and for talking to Crush from Finding Nemo as well as lots of computers and places to read. The Oceaneer Lab nearby is the spot to be if you want to learn how to draw like a professional Disney Animator, play the latest video games, or check out a sound studio. There’s also The Wheelhouse, which is full of computers, and the Craft Studio for art projects.

2. Edge on Deck 13 is the ship spot for tweens. You can play video games, put on an improv comedy show, make a music video, do some experiments with Professor Make-O-Mess, hunt ghosts, watch TV or surf the web here. Check out the 18-foot-long video wall!

What is there to do on board for kids in Disneyland? Photo Gallery

3. Vibe on Deck 5 is the lounge for your older brother or sister think teen central. It looks like a combo hip coffeshop-nightclub and hosts dance competitions, talent shows and karaoke contests. But don’t worry, D Lounge on Deck 4 is for the whole family. It’s where you can dance, play games and enjoy live entertainment.

4. If video games are your thing, check out Arr-cade on Deck 11. It’s full of video games and also has an air hockey table.

5. You remembered to bring a swim suit, right? Of course you did! Head to AquaDuck on Deck 12. It is a truly awesome 765-foot waterslide that will take you over and around four decks even out of the side of the ship. Excellent! There is an AquaLab water play area on Deck 12 also. Donald’s Pool is a freshwater pool on Deck 11 for the whole family. It is 5 feet deep. There is a portrait of Donald on the pool floor and lots of games and activities here every day, so check the Personal Navigator for more information. The Funnel Vision LED television is 24 feet across by 14 feet wide and plays classic Disney movies, TV shows and sporting events. Awesome! There’s also a stage area and dance floor for galas and parties.

6. Also on Deck 11 is Mickey’s Pool designed for kids. It’s two feet deep and features Mickey’s Pool Slide for kids and the nearby Nemo’s Reef water play area for toddlers with fountains and pop jets. If your grown-ups ask if there is a pool just for them, tell them about the Quiet Cove Pool on Deck 11 and Satellite Falls on Deck 13. All the pools are heated.

7. Don’t miss the Goofy’s Sports Deck on Deck 13. You can play basketball or volleyball, compete at miniature golf, or check out the virtual sports simulators. There is also a track for walking and ping pong/Foosball tables.

8. If you feel like shopping, check out Mickey’s Mainsail, Sea Treasures, and Whitecaps on Deck 3. Whozits & Whatzits is another shop on Deck 11.

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