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Our long weekend at The Lost Lake Scout Reserve and Harry Bennett Lodge was fascinating. The grounds were pristine, Scott and the scouts were perfect hosts, and we made new friends with Hauntings Paranormal Research.

Sitting back now, we ask ourselves is the lodge haunted? Our many hours of questions seemed to fall on deaf ears, but there is definitely something there. As night dropped over the cabin we knew we were not alone. The disembodied voices that came out in the dark captured what Harry and his lodge were all about.

Harry Bennett loved the cabin. It was his place of escape for fun, quiet times and private business. Kat and I believe that Harry along with some of his friends and enemies are still there, back in the 1930s. They are still supporting their causes, fighting the union and having fun. This cement fortress was and will always be Harry Bennett’s lodge.

Story Eight: Doherty Motor Hotel

604 N. McEwan Street, Clare, MI Secret Room Password: krt48 Investigative Team: Hauntings Paranormal Research

Today we were in Clare, a quiet, charming little town in the center of Michigan. Driving down McEwen we saw families walking down the street, peering into storefront windows. There was a little group in the donut shop. “Open Since 1896” read the small plaque on the building. Now it is owned and operated by a group of local police officers.

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