Booking Your Next Cruise On Board

If you like your cruise so much that you decide to take a vacation with the cruise line again, consider booking your next cruise on the spot. Cruise lines cannily recognize the value in having a captive audience to whom to pitch future vacation plans and no doubt at some point during your journey your Future Cruise Consultant will host a little sparkling wine-infused powwow. You don’t have to choose a set itinerary or a set ship; by putting down a deposit (usually $200-$300 USD), you can book any itinerary aboard any cruise ship the line has, as long as you do it within a set amount of time usually 3 years. Should you not book a cruise during that timeframe, your deposit is refundable.

So why should you consider doing this during the cruise that took you so long to plan? The answer is simple: Booking your next cruise on board usually opens up valuable onboard credit offers and other early-booking incentives. Not only do you get first dibs at the sailing and ship you want, but you can always transfer the booking to your existing travel agent even if you haven’t picked a ship or an itinerary yet. Frequent cruisers swear by booking on board, and we recommend it if you’re enjoying the line you’re sailing with. As always, though, never feel pressured to book on board: The choice remains yours.

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