From Old Faithful Village to West Thumb Junction

From Old Faithful to West Thumb is a distance of about 19 miles (31 km), as measured from the visitor center. Worth stopping for on the way are Kepler Cascades, Lone Star Geyser Trail, and Isa Lake at the western crossing of the Continental Divide, as well as the views from Shoshone Point and from above West Thumb Junction. Old Faithful Village to West Thumb junction name of the 12-year-old son of Wyoming Territory’s Governor John Hoyt. The boy was with his father in a group searching for suitable routes from Wyoming into the park in 1881, and he was such a good sport, that Supt. Norris named these pretty cascades for him.

The Firehole River has cut a deep gorge in the Madison Plateau lava here. Where the erosion is continuing, a series of cascades or small waterfalls drops a total of more than 100 feet (30 m). Downstream from the viewing platform, the canyon narrows radically. These steep walls below the cascades (called Devil’s Gate or Devil’s Gorge) claimed the life of a Yellowstone Park employee who was climbing here in 1976.

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