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Your hilltop walk is mostly, but not all, on Vienna Subway Map the South Downs Way. This is one of the earliest of the long-distance footpaths known Vienna Subway Map as National Trails, passing through areas of outstanding natural beauty or historical interest. The South Downs Way begins at Eastbourne and finishes at Winchester; at least, according to the official guidebook it does, but personally I have always thought it works better the other way, with the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head as its wonderful climax.

Though it is now primarily a recreational route, the tracks forming the South Downs Way were once important routes for settlers and traders, and for farmers, who still use the tracks today to transport cattle and sheep. Between 500,000 and 12,000 years ago small numbers of people occasionally wandered the South Downs to hunt, but the first ‘official’ settlers were the Neolithic people roughly 5,000 years ago; these were a tribal people who kept animals and cleared trees to grow crops, changing the Downs from forested hills to a more open landscape.

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