Borders Books and Music US Map & Phone & Address

Borders Books and Music US Map & Phone & Address

300 Boylston St. (Rte. 9), Chestnut Hill; (617) 630-1120

85 Worcester Rd. (Rte. 9), Framingham; (508) 875-2321

151 Andover St. Peabody; (508) 538-3003

See listing under Readings and Literary Events.

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Despite being full of identikit multinationals, the centre has a lively air. Turn left towards the Steeple. The narrow lane before it is called Wooer Street; while other odd names are Bean Road, Ladysmill, Tanners Road and the Tattie Kirk. The Steeple dominates the High Street. This is actually the third Tolbooth Steeple. The original was rebuilt in 1697, but a century later the demolition of adjoining property so undermined the foundations it had to be taken down as well. For eleven years there was no Steeple, but funds were raised to build the present 140ft (43m) spire. The top section was rebuilt in 1927 after suffering a lightning strike. The weather cock went flying and masonry crashed everywhere, but the only fatality was a horse belonging to Mr (Irn-Bru) Barr. The Cross Well beside the Steeple dates to 1817, replacing one originally given to the town by the Livingstons of Callendar in 1681.

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