Boston University Observatory US Map & Phone & Address

725 Commonwealth Ave. Boston; (617) 353-2630

Wanna see stars? Go up on the roof to BU’s tiny but well-equipped observatory. On Wednesday nights at 8:30, in good weather, the telescope is open free to the public, and of course someone from the astronomy department is there to point you in the right direction. Call around 6 p.m. that evening to make sure they’ll be open.

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Allow a couple of hours for the proposed circular walk to the fort and back. Outward bound, keep to the well-made, well-signed path which wends along to community woodlands, much of it covering one-time mining areas. The path slowly loses height to near an abandoned bridge (with pipes) over the railway then climbs to soon reach the beautiful Rough Castle setting. (Antonine Wall sites are in the care of Historic Scotland). Keep along by the vallum to a display board by the northern entrance, then over right a bit to another board explaining a special feature. This is the lilia, dug as a booby trap against mounted raiders. With sharpened stakes set in the bottom of the pits and their presence disguised, the pits would be a very effective way of breaking a charge. There is nothing much visible in the fort itself except vague shapes in the turf. The site was excavated in 1909, but then the foundations were covered over again to preserve them. Objects found during this excavation are in the Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, where they are, with other Roman remains, given a room to themselves, and make a fascinating display.

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