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Electric fences add a certain frisson of excitement to a walk. Landowners are entitled to use electric fencing near, alongside and across rights of way on a temporary basis, especially if it helps them to keep their livestock in check. Some landowners have realised that electric fencing also keeps hikers in check.

If an electric fence crosses a right of way, a safe means of crossing the fence should be made available. This usually involves covering the electrified wire with some insulating material, which is generally no more than a bit of old rag or a dead mole. It tends to be hikers with short inside-leg measurements who most fear crossing electric fences, although there is a masochistic band of walkers who take pleasure in crossing such power-charged boundaries. It is impossible to explain why.

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The responsible farmer or landowner will identify an electric fence by displaying suitable warning signs at every 25m (82ft) interval. These may depict the outline of a person being struck by lightning, which is a nice touch.

Alternatively, the bottom of the fence line might be littered with the charred carcasses of small dead animals, some of which can serve as additional insulation (see above).

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