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Over the past few years many brasseries, cafes and restaurants have added cafe gourmand to their dessert menu. If a gourmet is someone who appreciates fine food, a gourmand is someone who, well, really enjoys just digging in. Not being a three-star chef, I’d rather invite a gourmand than a gourmet to dinner any time! In any event, a cafe gourmand is a little espresso served with a selection of miniature desserts, perhaps a bit of creme caramel or creme brulee, a sliver of tarte aux fraises or tarte tatin and a tiny macaron. This is a great way to sample several scrumptious desserts at the same time. The calories, if you are counting, are about the same as one dessert.

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Its modern status as a restaurant and pub may be welcome! The Craft Daft on a Raft also does teas etc. Do call in. Built in 1934, it was the Finnieston Ferry on the Clyde till 1977. This is the main base for the Forth & Clyde Destination Society, whose boats are based here: the Gipsy Princess, Janet Telford, Voyager and the odd Maryhill. (Cruises, summer weekends and charters available.) Moving on, there is now a dock and launch slip opposite, though the earliest of these modern boats had to be lowered by crane! The no longer clear Roman Wall line runs parallel to the A803, so the travel destination cuts it once more just east of Glasgow Road Bridge. The wall crosses back at Cadder, then keeps well north through Bearsden (the foundations of a bath-house on display) before a gradual descent to the Clyde at Old Kilpatrick. For many centuries it was called Graham’s Dyke, or Grim’s Dyke, just as Hadrian’s Wall was the Picts’ Wall. Archaeology is a young science. The din of the A803 fades as the towpath wends westwards, a remarkably rural section, and the rural feel is maintained for a surprisingly long time, if pylons are ignored.

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