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497B Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 492-9900


Sounds like some sort of flag-waving eatery, all hot dogs and apple pie, right? Not. Located in a Central Square basement, this cool cafe mixes eye-popping espresso drinks, sandwiches and pastries, books, art and the Internet Opened in early 95 by three young techno-restaurateurs, the name reflects their belief in freedom of access to the Info Superhighway; this on-ramp isn’t quite ftee, but it’s relatively inexpensive. See the listing under Entertainment Readings and Literary Events for more details.

Along with the Net, various coffees and teas are brewed up. Exotic coffee drinks go for around $3 like most coffee bars but you get a deep ceramic mug filled right up to the top, and each concoction is made with two espresso shots. That is, unless you order Black Death six shots of espresso, period. What a way to go. There are also non-caf choices like Chai tea and steamed cider. The limited but tasty food menu offers turkey or veggie sandwiches for $3.75; homemade soups ($3.25) in sourdough bread bowls; individual pizzas ($3); plus fresh cakes and muffins.

It’s all found in an attractive, artsy setting. Large murals and backlit ceiling panels reflect mystical influences from Eastern and Western traditions. Sit at Euro-modern tables, or sink into a futon couch, and read the day’s papers. The computer area, known as The Cave, has papier-mache walls which make it look like just that complete with Native American drawings carved in. Another area, in a nod to the low-tech past, features a selection of books for your reading pleasure, as well as a vintage Royal manual typewriter.

And there’s more! Live entertainment takes place on Monday evenings with no cover charge an eclectic mix of open-mike music, poetry, and plays. The place is hopping most every night especially with all the other nightclubs in the area; daytimes are mellow and relaxed. Open daily from 10 A.M. all the way to 1 a.m. Oh yes, and you can reach them on the World Wide Web at Surf’s up!

Boston Sail Loft

1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge; (617) 225-2222

80 Atlantic Ave. Boston; (617) 227-7280

See the listing under Boston.

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