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Geographically, Canada can be divided into five different regions. Beginning in the East are the Atlantic or Maritime provinces, settled for the most part along the coasts (in New Brunswick along the rivers); then the nation’s population core: Quebec and Ontario; the Prairies; the Mountain West; and the North. The natural division between the Mountain West and the Prairies is the most dramatic.

The Great Divide in the Canadian Rockies marks the place where rainfall flows either east or west, a line of demarcation between the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. The West has the great national parks of Waterton Lakes, part of the International Peace Park shared with the U.S., Banff, Yoho, Jasper, Kootenay and others. These parks vie in grandeur with their neighbors to the south: Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Good roads make access in and around the parks easy. Campers are no less inspired than those who want deluxe hotel accommodations in such hotels as Banff Springs, Chateau Lake Louise or Jasper Lodge, places with views that rival anything found in Switzerland. Chateau Lake Louise sits on one end of a milky-white lake fed at the other end by a glacier. The far north is for the adventurer, the hunter, the canoeist, the explorer.

From History of Canada: Despite the storm damage it is still a wonderful place. Canada Map I have mixed memories of it: I recall seeing one New Year in here, and marvelling Canada Map at the fireworks throwing blazes of colour into the skies above the coastal towns, but also remember hobbling, almost incapacitated, past the Ring one September afternoon having already walked twenty-two miles that day in a brand new pair of shoes. Ouch! From Chanctonbury Ring you proceed south-eastwards and, keeping thick woodland to your left, drop down steeply to a junction of paths just under half a mile from the Ring. You leave the South Downs Way, by turning right. Ignore a path going off almost immediately hard right and proceed initially uphill, then begin to lose height gradually, heading just west of south. This is delightful open walking.

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