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In the abbreviated summer, fishermen can fly into lakes of the Northwest Territory and catch fish that only dreamers and fishing tale liars have seen. On one 250-mile-long lake only eight fishermen made up the entire fishermen population during one week in July. Eight-pound trout are caught, the kind it takes two hands to hold up while photographing the catch for posterity.

To escape the long winters, many Canadians travel to the Bahamas and the Caribbean on vacation. San Diego is a major winter destination for Western Canadians, and Britain, the ethnic home for 45 percent of Canadians, is a summer destination. Upstate New York and New England are also summer destinations. As with most affluent nations, Canadians spend more when traveling abroad than is taken in from visitors. The result is a travel deficit. The cause is understandable. People with money travel more, and to more places than people with less money.

From History of Canada: Having passed beyond the lychgate, look very carefully for an Canada Map Tourist Attractions extremely narrow alley to the right. This doesn’t appear on the street maps of Rye Canada Map Tourist Attractions but is clearly signed as Hucksteps Row. This is a private alley with a dead-end. At the end of it is the Forecastle, the sometime home of one of Rye’s most celebrated literary figures, Marguerite Radclyffe Hall. Born in 1886, she had already published four novels before she came to Rye in 1928 with her lesbian lover, Una, Lady Troubridge, to visit an acquaintance, and was instantly attracted to the town. It was just before she came to Rye that her fifth book appeared.

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